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Posted on April 16, 2015

Home Care Telephony System - Clear Care

Using The Latest in Home Care Telephony Technology


Recently, Constant Companions launched the use of the ClearCare System and home care telephony program. This program allows us to better track the attendance and activities our home care staff, provide timely updates to care plans, allow real-time access to information and updates to our clients and their families (if authorized by the client).  All care plans are entered into the system with specific activities outlined for each shift.

Before the caregivers can clock out they must update all activities and tasks assigned for the day. If they are unable to perform a certain activity or task, they must leave a verbal message as to why. Additionally, they can record a change in condition for both the agency and the family to hear. This has improved our ability to identify new needs in a timely manner and coordinate additional care and services as well as communicate more effectively with family members.

Home Care telephony technology records exact in and out times of all caregivers as they call in from the client’s home phone, assuring timely arrival and departure. If the caregiver is late in clocking in or out, an alert is sent to the office and is handled appropriately. These telephony logs are used to produce accurate and timely billing, significantly reducing discrepancies and encouraging prompt and full attendance in the home.

We are thrilled with the implementation of the Clear Care System and we are committed to continued efforts to provide access to accountable and experience care to the residents of San Diego and Riverside Counties. Please feel free to give us a call any time with questions or concerns, we welcome all input.

Please visit the ClearCare website for more information: ClearCare: Powerful Home Care Software

Submitted by Gabriela F. Brown, CSA
Constant Companions Home Care

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