SB 243 – Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rate Increase-Please Support!

Posted on April 17, 2015

SB 243 – Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rate Increase
SB 243 (Hernandez), one of CAHSAH’s priority Support bills, is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, April 22. This bill would repeal the implementation of prior year Medi-Cal rate reductions, including the 10 percent reduction for affected Medi-Cal providers and would increase payment rates for specified health care providers up to Medicare payment levels. CAHSAH has secured amendments on this bill which include home health and hospice services.
Please contact all members of the Senate Health Committee (listed below)and urge them to SUPPORT SB 243 to ensure home health and hospice services remain accessible for all Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

Talking Points:

·         With the full implementation of the Medi-Cal expansion under the Affordable Care Act resulting in over 11 million people enrolled in the Medi-Cal program, it makes no sense to continue Medi-Cal provider rates reductions enacted during California’s economic downturn.  We must ensure that Medi-Cal provider rates provide sufficient access to all Medi-Cal beneficiaries

·         Ranked 48th among all states, California already pays its Medi-Cal fee-for-service providers some of the lowest rates in the entire country. Overall, Medi-Cal compensated physicians at only 51 percent of Medicare levels.

·         Medi-Cal provider rates for home health services have not been increased since 2001.  Home health is cost effective care that allows patients to receive care in the safety and comfort of their own home.  Medi-Cal provider rates for home health services do not reflect the current cost of providing care which has steadily increased.

·         Lack of access to home health services will shift care to more costly emergency rooms and result in unnecessary hospital readmissions. Linking home health Medi-Cal rates to established Medicare rates will help to promote access for all Medi-Cal beneficiaries throughout California.

·         Requiring annual increases will help to ensure the end of Medi-Cal provider rate neglect.


Member District Party Room Phone Fax
Isadore Hall 35 D 4085 (916) 651-4035 (916) 651-4935
Ed Hernandez (Chair) 22 D 2080 (916) 651-4022 (916) 651-4922
Holly Mitchell 30 D 5080 (916) 651-4030 (916) 651-4930
William Monning 17 D 313 (916) 651-4017 (916) 651-4917
Janet Nguyen 34 R 3048 (916) 651-4034 (916) 651-4934
Jim Nielsen 4 R 2068 (916) 651-4004 (916) 651-4904
Richard Pan 6 D 4070 (916) 651-4006 (916) 651-4906
Richard Roth 31 D 4034 (916) 651-4031 (916) 651-4931
Lois Wolk 3 D 5114 (916) 651-4003 (916) 651-4903


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