The long haul: Habits for a healthy old age

Posted on July 27, 2012

By Elderlink

As your parent or loved one enters her or his golden years, it’s more important than ever to take steps towards healthy living. There’s no time like the present to start checking things off the list of longevity-boosting activities and habits.

Healthy eating. Keeping a balanced diet is important at all stages of life, and we know a lot more about this today than ever before. Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, low-fat meats and natural, low-sugar foods should all be part of a daily diet. Encourage your loved one to eat well and maybe learn to cook a new kind of cuisine.
Learning. Learning new things keeps the mind flexible. Picking up a musical instrument, learning a new language or even sitting down to play a favorite game with a new partner are easy ways to keep your parent or loved one’s brain happy and fully functional into old age.
Physical activity. Low-impact physical activity like yoga, walking or water-based exercise offer a great way to keep your aging parent or loved one’s metabolism. Studies have found that keeping a fit body helps maintain a fit mind and healthy emotional state.
Social engagement. No one wants to be cooped up alone inside all day. Social contact eases depression and gives everyone, not just the elderly, something to live for and look forward to. Adult daycare facilities, senior groups, family visits and even home care assistants can alleviate loneliness while giving you, the caregiver, a welcome break.
Add in regular health checkups and specific doctor recommendations, and you have a recipe for a happy, healthy and long life.
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