New VA Aid and Attendance Benefit Guidelines

Posted on January 2, 2012

Effective 12-01-2011, the VA has increased the monthly maximum, “Non-Service Disability Pension” benefit, often referred to as “Aid and Attendance” to the following:

•Married Veteran-$2,019.00
•Single Veteran-$1,703.00
•Surviving Spouse-$1,094.00

These benefits are tax-free to eligible veterans and may help families defray 40-80% of their monthly long-term care expenses! Please note that the VA must see proof that the veteran or surviving spouse is paying out-of-pocket for their care, before their claim will be considered. In other words, the VA requires objective evidence of long-term care expenses. We provide these “Care Expense Statement” forms in all of our claims application attachments.

Refer all of your families/inquiries to this site: and review the short video from Brian Williams of NBC News. Families can get information, complete VA claims applications as well as detailed instructions instantly through our user-friendly site. Best of all, our services are provided FREE of charge and overseen by a Accredited VA Claims Agent.

Forwarded from email sent to Constant Companions Home Care, San Diego, from Senior Veterans, LLC

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