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Posted on September 4, 2014

Special Tips for Your Friends and Family

Here’s the Skin(ny) – The Importance of Skin Integrity As We Age

No, I am not talking about weight; I am talking about the largest organ on your body, your skin. As we age, the skin, like every other organ in our body, begins to decline. While we don’t have any way to reverse this aging process there are things that we can do to boost it functioning and help to prevent skin integrity issues, a major complication for many seniors.

What does skin do for us?
  • Helps maintain proper body temperature
  • Wards off infections
  • Waterproof barrier that keeps moisture in and moisture out.
  • Provides sensory information about our environment and injury

As the body ages, the layer of fat under the skin starts to disappear as well as the blood vessels feeding the skin with lots of oxygen. As a result the skin becomes looser, unable to insulate us well, and thinner. The most visible evidence of this is wrinkling and sagging of the skin. As our skin becomes thinner, it becomes vulnerable to tears and pressure sores. Open skin is an invitation to infection and discomfort.

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happy 10th anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary!

We want to extend a heart-felt THANK YOU to all of our referral sources, community partners and clients for their continued faith, feedback and recommendation of our senior home care services

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affordable alternatives

The Launching of Affordable Alternatives

Affordable Alternatives is a separate Home Care Referral Agency that seeks to provide seniors with a safer alternative to inexpensive home care.

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we care hiring system

The Use of CareProfiler in Full Swing

Care Profiler was developed to help healthcare organizations find caregivers that are responsible, attuned, and capable of creating meaningful connections with the people they care for.

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