Live-In Care & Overnight Care Services

Posted on October 5, 2015

Live-In Care and Overnight Care Services are available through Constant Companions, when a loved one needs continuous care and/or supervision.

This is a preferred option of many clients and their families, when the care or supervision required each day exceeds 10 hours.

There may be certain events that precipitate the need for  Overnight or Live-In services:

  • Increase in Fall Risk
  • Decline in Strength
  • Decline in Cognitive Abilities
  • Increased Incontinence
  • Increase in Anxiety
  • Worsening of Alzheimer’s/Dementia Symptoms – confusion, disorientation, sundowning
  • New Diagnosis or Significant Change in Condition

About Live-In Care

Constant Companions is able to provide skilled and experience live-in caregivers that are able to stay with your loved one for consecutive days at a time. They are usually paired up with another caregiver to cover an entire week.  Typical schedules are 4-5 days/week for Cargiver A and 2-3 days/week for Caregiver B. We do not recommend retaining only one caregiver for 7 days a week. All caregivers and clients need a break from each other, and the caregiver needs time to reconnect with their family/personal life.
There is some misunderstanding regarding the use of Live-In Caregivers. Live-in care is a specialty service and there are some guidelines to consider before electing this type of care. We have prepared an information guide for you to read through: What You Can Expect from A Live-In Caregiver.

About Overnight Care

An alternative to Live-In Care is Overnight Care. This option can be used if your loved one is relatively alert and able during the day, possibly receiving visits and help from family members and friends.  Nighttime presents dangers for many seniors due to an increased risk of falling, wandering, anxiety, etc. The Overnight Care option is generally used to have someone present if assistance is needed throughout the night. This allows family and friends to rest and be ready to care for their loved one during the day.

Constant Companions will provide a free assessment of needs and provide you with a fully vetted caregiver of your liking. In addition, we will continuously monitor the care provided and offer guidance and solutions to scenarios and conditions that may present themselves along the way.

Our Live-In and Overnight caregivers will be there to provide supervision, companionship and all personal care services including:

  • Bathing/Dressing Assistance
  • Grooming Assistance
  • Toileting/Incontinence Care
  • Bedridden Care
  • Medication Supervision
  • Exercise/Mobility Assistance
  • Meal Preparation
  • Nutritional Support
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Medical Appointments
  • Errands

Please contact us today to discuss your current needs. We look forward to discussing all of the options with you.


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